Gettin to Work

  I was at a climbing gym last night with a buddy from work, and I wrenched the hell out of my back. Drove to work thinkin that I'd be cool, only to find out I could barely get out of my truck. Told the boss-man and headed to get some chow. So I sat around watched the new episode of 'Parasyte' on crunchyroll, cleaned up the apartment a bit, then decided to go rip all the plastic off my dirt bike so I can repaint it. I had it flat black and metallic bronze, pretty cool; but I think I'm gonna go more Honda colors this time. Maybe a dark, almost blood red, metallic if I can find it. I used the spray enamel from Hobby Lobby that you paint models with. It held up really well, except where it was scratched off by my poor riding skills... I want to eventually get some supermoto Warp 9 wheels for it. You can get them in all kinds of colors, and they'll mount oversized front brakes, and rear brakes and sprockets too. Of course your gonna pay out the ass for it. Apr. $500 for standard colors, and marches up to $700 for custom. For each wheel. Ouch. But they are hard anodized and powdered coated, and guaranteed strait with a decent warranty. I'll post some pictures as I get the plastic painted.




I bought a dirt bike a few years ago, a 2012 Honda CRF250X to be precise. I loved taking it out on the irrigation ditches and the dry river bed and way out in the desert. When I moved to Silver City, NM, I found beautiful forest trails and rolling grassland, and also what it feels like to hit the ground at 20mph... my back's still screwed up. I moved out to Fort Worth last summer and found to my dismay that there is hardly any open land, even in the largest state in the contiguous United States, every bit of land in the area seems to be privately owned. Overrun by cattle and people with more money than sense, every last bit is bought up. I guess I can't blame them, Texas is God's country.

   Anyway, I've been checking out supermoto or motards for a while now, in essence they're dirt bikes with street wheels and tires. What makes them so cool is that while they aren't the fastest they handle like nobody's business. Along with the fact that you can still jump, wheelie, and stoppie them. They're the perfect hooligan bike, when you change the tires your trading dirt trails for anything paved. Every empty parking lot, loading dock, school is now your playground. To top it off you can make them completely street legal by adding all the lights and a horn. Downside being you have to insure them, but hey if it gets stolen that full coverage will be sweet.

   So here's to not wiping out and killing myself (have had a lot of practice). I'll add progress reports as I get the bike and myself ready.


I decided to try smoking cigars at some point in the past few months, and found that I like them a hell of a lot. Aside from the occasional nicotine head rush, and bad breath the next morning, I am really enjoying all the flavors that come out as I smoke. I am by no means an expert and I am not going to turn this into a cigar review site, but I may from time to time post about a cigar I especially liked. Also, when I can afford the wood I will post about building my thermo-electrically cooled humidor. I already have the peltier unit built, which was fairly simple and I jacked it from YouTube. I will post about it later. Oh, and sugar for the head rush, haven't tried it yet but will update on it's effectiveness.

Been a While

So, it's been a few years. I read through some of my posts and the thing that's sticks out the most to me is how young and inexperienced I sound. I guess I committed the same sin as any other young person, that is thinking I knew more than I did. It's so obvious to me now, but I guess that's just experience talking; and I realize there's still a ton I don't know. I'm going to try to make an effort to write on a regular basis, but I make no promises.


Vox on an immigrant issue

Good post from Vox and my comment, sure to be fairly heated later on...


My comment:
Its that they were contributing that makes the point. The USA is filled with non-contributing illegals that will never be kicked out even though its within the governments power and best interest to do so. I live in a large southern border city, so I see it first hand. Illegals come over to cheat the system because it CAN be cheated.


Violence Isn't The Cause, But The Reaction

Does anyone else find it odd that there are so many shootings going on lately? The shotgun shootings in California, the supposed murder suicide in Arizona, various school shootings that strangely seem not to make big headlines. Then there's the packs of young black men that are going around targeting whites, news of which is highly suppressed. Some people probably wonder where its all coming from, why is their precious peace being disturbed? My opinion is that its due to the current liberal left that controls this country, forcing integration of clashing cultures and controlling the media to keep things from getting out in the open. Not to mention clogging public school curriculums with BS material instead of common sense learning. This country is on a fast downward spiral towards a very violent ending. I pray that we can get some leaders in power that have enough wisdom and clout to change this countries direction.


Texas, The Newest Liberal State

Oh how the mighty have fallen. My beloved state of Texas, renowned for its conservatism, right-wing perspective, and the best BBQ in the world; is just the latest of states to define abortion as a ‘necessary medical service’. Please tell me what part of being too stupid to use birth-control or lacking the ability to keep their legs closed can result in a necessary medical service. So now, we the taxpayer are going to be championing the sluts chosen lifestyles, hmm I don’t remember being able to vote on this particular ruling… Oh, and a particularly humorous point, the feminists stated ‘ The clinics say the law unconstitutionally restricts their freedom of speech and association.’  …..WTF!? How does not killing unborn children restrict your freedom of speech? And where does saving lives keep you from associating with whatever group you wish? I thought Texas was going in the right direction when it passed the legislation that would force abortion “doctors” to show a sonogram of the unborn baby to the mother before she decides to murder it. So with the blocking of legislation that would disallow women to abort using tax-payer dollars, Texas has become just another one of the left.


Theology Books

One of the main things I have decided to post about on this site is Theology. Now I am not a learned scholar with degrees and plaques on my wall that make me feel important, I really am a fairly unlearned person. The things that I know about have been learned from experience, as in a job, or from having an intense like for them. I really enjoy driving fast, and oddly enough I learned about some pretty high level techniques from video games and racing manga (I can hear the scoffing now...). I learned them by TRYING them, by figuring them out, the same goes for fighting, rock-climbing, long-boarding, and multiple other activities that require specific techniques. So that being the case, I have not learned as much from reading facts and theories about things that I can't go and DO.

I have said before, I am an above average intelligence, but my strength lies in spacial reasoning. I got decent grades in school when I decided to give a damn, but always had trouble memorizing things in text. Things like math equations and sentence structure never quite clicked, but when it came to designing a CAD drawing or welding or just finishing out a piece of wood into whatever I was making, everything just flowed.

My point is, I am having a HELL of a time getting through my theology books, as in trying to read every day. They just won't hold my interest because I'm not seeing anything, its just words. I need to find a book that uses better metaphor instead of trying to fill out text with multi-syllable words to impress the other theologians. I do like 'A Shorter Summa' by Peter Kreeft, that breaks down St. Thomas Aquinas' 'Summa Theologica' to its most valid and hardest-hitting points. Much of it is very philosophical, but once a point is understood it just makes you wonder how you lived without understanding something so fundamental. I also picked up H. Orton Wiley's 'Christian Theology V.1-3', but am still getting thought the defining of Theology and all of its sub-sects. If any of the few people who have seen this sight would mind informing me of any good Theology texts, I would be most thankful.


Popular Racism

I'm sure everyone has heard of Trayvon Martin theses past few weeks, and before anything else is said, it is a tragedy that he died. But was it a crime? The black community has been up in arms about the supposed white man shooting an unarmed black teenager that was innocently minding his own business inside a gated community. There are two issues with that train of thought, firstly George Zimmerman the guard who shot Trayvon is not white, he is a white/hispanic mix, and second, what was Trayvon doing in a gated community? Perhaps he was taking a regular shortcut or wanted to see a cool car or house, maybe he was looking for something to take. To assume to know what exactly he was doing is folly, and to assume that the guard shot without any reason is tragic.

Now as to these large public organizations taking up Trayvon's cause, as the Miami Heat was doing, is in my view quite ludicrous. They took a picture with all of them wearing black hoodies and with their heads down. The image they are trying to defend is one that any average person would take suspicion in. If I saw a man I did not recognize walking down the street with such clothing on, I would be on my guard to say the least. I don't live in a gated community filled with starched white people, I live in a normal neighborhood with hispanics and blacks. I would still not be comfortable with hooded kids walking around at night.

Lastly there is a growing outcry against the 'Stand Your Ground' law. This is foolishness, how many incidents have been rectified due to this law? How many innocent people have been saved, or bad guys stopped? It is a basic right of the people to defend themselves when they are confronted by those that do harm. I myself keep a loaded .45 by my bed(I have no kids), and not because I am scared that someone is going to come kill me while I sleep, but to defend myself and those around me.

In conclusion, it is incredibly sad that a kid was killed, and if it was done unjustly then the perpetrator should be punished. But if Trayvon did something to make George feel that the only way out of the situation was to kill, then nothing more need be done. My prayers go to the Martin family and to the Zimmerman's, and also to the judge and jury that justice is carried out.


The Undiscussed View

Many viewpoints have been shared in the manosphere on many different relationship issues. I would like to add a new viewpoint, the view from a single virgin male. Allow me to explain my situation, I am in my mid-twenties and have only been in one relationship. The reason for the lack of relationships is not the typical reason, I am taller and good looking, I can easily attract the attention of girls with just my physical presence. The issue is I do not approach women, not out of fear or the fear of rejection, but because I am very introverted and introspective. There is fairly large difference between those two, introverts prefer to spend most of their time by themselves and if we are to have a conversation we would prefer that it be deeper and with meaning. I really can’t stand small talk and don’t get how to do or initiate it. Now someone who is introspective is a person who spends the majority of their time thinking, and imagining situations and their outcome, we tend not to focus much on the real world and more on whatever situation we would prefer to be in. It is one reason I love sci-fi so much, I can place myself in the story and live with the characters.
Those two things make approaching girls seem like an encroachment into my space, and the fact that I don’t know their religious, political, or moral affiliations can make me think it will be a large waste of time and effort that could better be used elsewhere. Now I know it is necessary to approach girls and especially the type of girl I would be interested in, but to do so is a direct contradiction to my personality. I also have a job that rarely sets me around young women, girls tend to approach me once they see that I’m not surly, just generally quiet. In previous jobs and during high school, I had girls approach me rather regularly.
On top of all that is the fact that I’m very picky, being Christian and expecting certain moral qualities definitely cuts down on prospective women, especially with the current popular ‘hook-up’ culture. Many women today think its alright to have sex in a relationship as long as she feels she’s ‘in love’. What they don’t realize is there’s no reason to stay committed to someone if you don’t make a public commitment to that person. Marriage is not just a way to get taxed less or be publicly acceptable. It is a promise to the person you marry that you will be there for them through thick and thin, that you will be faithful to them, that you will be the best person you can be for their sake. How many women would in all honesty agree with that? You may say there's always the girls at church, but modern culture has reached its tendrils there too; though admittedly there’s a better chance they fit my spiritual and moral precepts.
Okay, there’s my somewhat twisted and circumspect view. I will post in the future on more specific points and about my experiences, and will at some point, post on my success.